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The Long Way (Der Lange Weg)

Janelle and I are trying to ski across the entire Alps Mountain Range. From Vienna Austria to Nice France. 1200 miles, 85,000 vertical feet, all in less than 41 days. We are joining a team of 5 European super athletes, and attempting to repeat this amazing feat that has only be successfully completed once. 

In 1971, four Austrians created and completed this ski tour. It has not be repeated.

Our journey will be supported by camper vans and drivers. We will sleep every night in either our camper van or in a mountain hut, and every once in a while we will treat ourselves to a hotel and a shower. 

In order to ski 1200 miles in less than 41 days, we will need to be on the move an average of 10 hours per day. Our bodies will "hit the wall" many many times I'm sure. Yet we have been training really hard for the past three months in order to be physically and mentally ready. 

On March 17th we will start from just outside of Vienna. The journey will be a once in a lifetime experience. 


The event is being hosted by RedBull. They are only taking care of the media (a film crew and photographers will document the journey) and a few other expenses. The seven athletes are required to raise support on their own. Janelle and I have a some sponsors that are helping with part of the expenses, but we still need a little more help.

If you are interested in donating to help us cover the many expenses occured along the way, we will be so grateful. 

To donate any amount, great or small.
-Checks to Mark Smiley: PO BOX 1678 Jackson WY 83001
-Paypal: (or just follow link)
-Venmo: @mark-smiley

I will be sure to personally thank you with an image sent to your inbox. Include your mailing address and I will send you a postcard during the event!

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