photographer: Janelle Smiley

Grand Teton Nat'l Park Digital Ski Atlas GPX File Lines

I created this digital ski atlas to be paired with Gaia GPS app or similar. You will access 45 route lines in Grand Teton National Park, complete with first hand beta, and approaches. Navigation has never been so easy. 
Enroll in this "course" which is just a file you download on your phone, save the map layers you want (topo map layer, satellite map layer is what I like) and you're good to go.

Click here to get the file for $49:

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 

I have two favorite objectives in the Teton.
1. The Grand Traverse (link for more details)

2. Skiing the Grand Teton (see below)

The Road to Skiing the Grand Teton

What better way to experience the most iconic mountain in the Lower 48? Skiing the south side of the Grand Teton will be a very proud feather in your hat. The main factor that makes this line so proud is the exposure. There is a healthy dose of "fall you die" skiing and needs to be respected. The way that I show this objective respect while guiding is to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for this objective. 

Required skills:

- Ski 48° slopes with confidence, without a belay, on variable snow
- Ice climb 30 foot (10m) sections of WI 3
- Rappel with your skis on your feet
- Climb 7200' (2195m), with enough energy to ski in control and with confidence
- Strong physical performance at high altitude
- You must ski with me at least one day before going for this objective, even if you have starred in a TGR film. 

This is a suggested hit list that will prepare for you for skiing the Grand. Each objective was specifically chosen to prepare you in a certain way. The Grand puts all these skill together in a perfect package. The routes build on each other, so completing them in order is advisable.

1. 25 Short to Turkey Chute - beginner tour; some steep turns in Turkey

2. Chute the Moon to Chuter Buck - intro to rappelling over rock, transitions from ski to rappel

3. Sliver to East & West Hourglass - longer day, 45° slopes, rappelling, get eyes on the Grand

4. Amora Vida from Garnett - very long day, steep and exposed slopes, high altitude skiing

5. Apocalypse Couloir - steep committing line with several rappels, efficient transitions

This tick list lacks ice climbing. The climbing on the Grand is lower angle, so anyone that has ice climbed at least once can top-rope the ice sections on the Grand without trouble.

Skiing the Grand Teton

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