Total Solar Eclipse in Argentina 2019 - Couples Trip

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If you were lucky enough to see the TOTAL solar eclipse last summer, and you're like me, you will not miss the next one too! July 2, 2019 will be the next total solar Argentina! 

Janelle Smiley and I are offering a week long trip to see the eclipse, go hiking and climbing in the Argentine Andes, and simply have a great time for this once in a lifetime expedition!

Clouds are the killer of eclipse viewing! SO we are pooling our resources to stack the odds heavily in our favor to be in the right location for clear skies on the big day. We will be staying in an area with statistically the sunniest  skies, we will have a meteorologist on retainer for daily forecasts, and a local guide to help navigate the back roads. So if you want the best chance of seeing this truly amazing astronomical phenomenon, in good style, JOIN US! 

Do you love playing outside with your soulmate too? No technical skills are required, nor is elite level physical fitness, and all significant others are welcome! I'm proud to announce that this will be the maiden voyage to implement an idea we have been brewing for 8 years. Along with all the standard international travel fun activities, we are introducing a component of #couplescoaching!

Each day Janelle will lead the group in a guided discussion to help you love your partner even more. Principles that will make your relationship simply thrilling. Like taking vitamins for your relationship, not chemotherapy. And trust me, Janelle brings a lot of natural talent and dedicated training to this realm. She will ask questions that make you look at yourself and your relationship in a way that you haven't yet, and the change will be a positive one.



* June 28 - July 6, 2019 
* Fun activities everyday
* Rock climbing option for part or all of the group a couple days

* Friday June 28. Depart home, flying through Buenos Aires to San Juan, Argentina. Most flights are overnight and you will arrive in San Juan, Saturday June 29...which is great.
* Saturday June 29. Arrive to San Juan, Argentina before 6pm local time. (airport code UAQ). We will host a "welcome everyone" dinner to official start the trip!
* Sunday June 30. Transit to Eclipse basecamp. Short trek along the way. A rock climbing option exists this day, for part or all of the group.
* Monday July 1. Acclimation hike
* Tuesday July 2. Eclipse day. Totality 17:40 local time. Hike to summit of 4000 meter peak in center of path of totality. Eclipse viewing there, and descend while buzzing from the experience, after sunset.
* Backup plan: If weather on our ideal summit is predicted to be cloudy, we have scouted a whole host of excellent backup options. Of course, nothing with the weather is guaranteed, but we have done our due diligence and have stacked the odds in favor of Totality viewing.
* Wednesday July 3. Light hike and transit to a new area. This day, for those tight on time, we can arrange a drop-off back at UAQ in the early afternoon.
* Thursday July 4. Ridge-top trek through Argentine Provincial park. Some or all of the group could go rock climbing this day as well.
* Friday July 5. Another trekking option among migrating birds and beautiful lakes. A rock climbing options also exists this day.
* Saturday July 6. Trip ends in San Juan at noon, local time. 

$3500 per person or $6300 if you sign up as a couple

Ground transport San Juan to San Juan, lodging, guiding, and group gear in Argentina
Fitness training plan, gear list, and prompt replies to email and phone calls to answer all your questions, and a professionally captured and printed wall display of your favorite image from the experience. Tipping not accepted.

Travel to and from San Juan, Argentina
Food and drink

Mark & Janelle Smiley and Jed Porter

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@smileysproject or


Joining the team is easy

1. Email me to express your interest
2. $1000 non-refundable deposit due to hold your place
3. Receive instructions on how best to prepare for this experience (training, packing, etc)
4. Remaining balance 90 days prior to departure
5. Launch on an amazing adventure you will never forget

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