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My name is Janelle Smiley. I believe I am motivated and strong, yet tender and extremely fun. I was born in the mountains and they have imprinted my soul. Moving within their magnificence forces me to walk the line of the duality of feeling small yet empowered.

Life in the mountains allows me to see that we are all equals and connected, each with a gift to share with the world. I recognize the power we have to influence others when we come alive using our gifts. It’s as if we are giving permission for others to embrace theirs. Nothing brings me joy like watching someone fully recognize their talents.

The rawness of the mountains brings transformation quickly. Forcing me to push through obstacles and overcome fear, revealing to me the depth of my perseverance and courage. For example, nine months after undergoing double hip surgery I successfully climbed one of the most challenging alpine routes in Alaska, the Cassin Ridge, on Denali (20,310 feet).

I have a man in my life that I love dearly, his name is Mark. Together we finished a seven-year project to climb the fifty classic climbs of North America, a feat that has never been done before. It took a tremendous amount of motivation and teamwork. Yet, we came out of the project alive and more in love. What would you do if a storm trapped you in a tent on a glacier for 9 consecutive days with your spouse?


Ski Racing
- 3x National Ski Mountaineering Champion
- 2x North American Ski Mountaineering Champion
- Swiss National Teams Champion
- 2x Elk Mountain Grand Traverse Co-ed Division Champion

- 1st female ski descent, NE Snowfield, Mt Owen, Tetons, WY
- 1st female ski descent, Mt Saint Elias, AK Sea to Summit to Sea
- 1st ski descent, Huandoy East (6000m), Peru

- 1st female ascent, South Face, Mt Waddingtion, BC, Canada
- 1st team to climb on fifty of the classic climbs of North America
48 summits, as two summits are deemed too dangerous

What is Ski Mountaineering Racing?

Ski Mountaineering on the Grand Teton in Wyoming

Your Goals & Training?

I have two athletic goals this year.

First; I would like to win the World Championship for Ski Mountaineering in Piancavallo, Italy. I have been in the sport for 10 years and I know what it takes to make this dream come true. I work with a strength coach and an endurance coach to push my developmental edge. My days are organized around my training and I religiously do what they ask. I give each workout the dedication and focus as if it were the race itself. I have incorporated visualization to set my intention and work with my mental game.  

Second; after the ski mountaineering race season is finished, I would like to take all that hard work and shift it into ski mountaineering adventures in the remote mountains. This spring I'm co-leading an expedition to Peru, to climb and ski two peaks over 18,000ft. These expeditions will be used to teach aspiring ski mountaineers and collect content (photo, video) in order to inspire our audience.

In addition to the Peru trip, I have connected with another female athlete who I would like to mentor.  We are putting together a film crew and planning some incredible expeditions. This demonstration of female partnership in the mountains has the potential to inspire young females.  I would like my life to be witness to what is possible as I fully pursue my dreams. 


Deserve this job?

Almost everyday I start with a protein smoothie that consist of unsweetened almond milk, half a banana, cucumber, beet, spinach, and RAW Protein & greens. I eat a whole foods diet. I have cut out sugar, wheat, dairy, and preservatives. I love to create new and delicious recipes that have tons of flavor and healthy ingredients. I recently made Apple-carrot-zucchini "cookies" with coconut oil, golden raisins, sprouted almonds, eggs, and ground flax. They are my new go-to recovery snack.

I am in the mountains so much of my time and access to fresh food is not always an option due to access or freezing. I value the nutrition I get from Perfect food and vitamins. Garden of Life products have spent many a days on glaciers in Alaska, Europe, and Peru. 

I desire to dedicate my time and energy to my sport. I have a hard time saying "I deserve this job" but I believe Garden of Life would benefit greatly by having me on their team, I know I am a dedicated positive overachiever. 

I have a proven track record of  inspirational accomplishments and capturing it in a way that is sharable to the world wide web. With this job I feel I have the potential to reach an even broader audience. Garden of Life has been a large part of my holistic living, and when I get excited about something everyone knows it.

Social Media

Instagram - My husband and I started our smiley's project 7 years ago. He managed our Instagram account for the project (@smileysproject) he recently took over that account as his own now that the project is complete, and I started a new one a couple months ago and it is growing. Post would be on both accounts. 


Thank you for your consideration for this incredible job opportunity. 

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