Ski Gear - Blue Square Productions


Skis - Keep them light. We will tour roughly 4000 feet/day and you want enough gas in the tank to enjoy the down. Most people have a ton of fun on a ski that is between 95mm-115mm. Mark will be using the DPS Wailer112 Tour1 skis. Other good models are, Dynastar Cham 105, LaSportiva Vapor Nano, K2 Comback, and so many others. If you question between which ski, just ask. Try very hard to keep them under 9 pounds/pair or 2041 grams/ski

Bindings - Dynafit style bindings are almost mandatory. They are 75% lighter and work. Mark likes the TLT Superlite 2.0

Skins - Black Diamond and CAMP are great brands. Steer clear of G3. Mixed or pure mohair are ideal. You will want a tail clip on the skins.

Poles - 2 part adjustable is nice like these BD Pure Carbon.

Boots - Whatever fits. Mark will be in the Dynafit Vulcan, the TLT 6 Performance great too. LaSportiva Spitfire 2.0 are good for those with narrow feet. Scarpa's are good too. Mark then upgrades his boots with the Intuition Pro Tour liner for a perfect/warm/comfortable fit.

Avalanche Gear

Beacon - Any three antenna beacon is fine. Mark likes the Pieps DSP Pro

Shovel - Any metal medium-small sized shovel is fine. Mark likes the BCA B-1

Probe - Any metal or carbon fiber probe 240 cm or longer. 

Airbag Pack - Not mandatory, but could be good. Flying with a canister can be annoying as you need to fly with it empty, and then find a location to refill. The Black Diamond Jetforce packs are a good option as you can fly with them. You will need the largest size they make to fit everything in it. 95% of people will use a standard pack for the weight savings and convenience.

Pack - Mark likes the Arc'Teryx Khamski 38

Climbing Gear

Harness - Keep it simple and light. CAMP Alp Race is the bomb

Boot Crampons - Aluminum style are great and light for what we will be doing. Race 290 are great.

Ski Crampons - for biting into early morning spring hard pack. Dynafit are the best/lightest

Ice Axe - Light is right, nothing too crazy needed here. Corsa is a great choice, or Corsa Nanotech for one that is a little more beefy.

3 Locking Carabiners - Black Diamond Nitron and HMS Nitro

4 Non-locking Carabiners - Photon Wire bent gate

1 Petzl Tibloc, 1 Sterling Hollowbloc 13 inch, 1 Dyneema double-length sling CAMP, 1 Sterling PowerCord Cordellete. All these will be for crevasse rescue purposes.

Helmet - Normal ski helmet will work but are heavy, Mark likes a climbing helmet. Speed 2.0

Mark will provide the ropes.


Keep it simple. Layer well. Stay comfortable. Arc'Teryx makes the best ski clothing. Here are the layers Mark will wear. All are Arc'Teryx unless noted. You can use this as a guide to pick and choose your layers that are similar.

Bottom :  3 pair Fox River ski socks, Phase SV Long Johns, Alpha Comp Pant

Top:  Wool T-Shirt (base), Rho LTW shirt (Long sleeve base), Gamma SL Hoody (thin softshell with wind protection and light precip protection), Nuclei FL (light puffy layer for cold touring), Nuclei AR (thick puffy layer for cold stationary times), Procline Comp (shell for storm skiing).

Gloves:  2 thin, 1 medium, 1 thick

Head:  One buff and a toque

Eyewear:  A light tinted (clear-ish) ski goggle lens is best for storm skiing. When the sun comes out use sunglasses. Like Kaenon Trade

Sun:  Shaka Laka lip balm SPF 30, Kiss My Face sunscreen SPF 50 (2oz tube)

In the Huts:  Sleeping bag liners are required in the huts for sanitation purposes. Western Mountaineering makes a nice one. 

In Town:  Jeans, running shoes, handful of shirts

Owen doing what he does best
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