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There is a mountain of knowledge on this page, built specifically for your consumption, at the pace you desire.

My two goals  when creating these courses: 1) efficiency 2) practicality. What technique do I actually use? What works best? How can I simplify complex systems without compromising anything important? I desired a zero time waste, zero fluff, and zero dorky options that never get used aside from big dorks trying to impress their big dork friends at dinner parties. I think I achieved all of those goals! And below is the fruit of this big effort.      

Follow the links to the courses you are interested in. All courses are hosted on teachable.com, as they have a very clean design and simply tracking of your progress. This encourages you to complete the course, for maximum learning outcomes. 

The Ultimate Guide To Backcountry Skiing & Ski Mountaineering - $245

Climb Denali Course - $389

Route Planning Course - $79

50 Non-Textbook Rock Climbing Anchors - $199

Crevasse Rescue Course - $99

Navigation with Google Earth and Gaia GPS - $19

Meet Your Instructor, Mark Smiley

Mark Smiley

Mark Smiley

I began reading climbing magazines (or really just looking at the photos) in middle school, and started rock climbing shortly after that. There was no shortage of "learning the hard way" as I had no mentor or coach, simply unbridaled interest in this cool thing called climbing. 

I have been working as a guide since 2001 in many different capacities from taking youth groups top-roping in Buena Vista CO, to climbing Mt Rainier over 50 times, to getting my international guide certification/license (IFMGA: International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations) in 2013. I now take folks around the world to climb and/or ski rad things. I live in Jackson WY and work for Exum Mountain guides while working in the Tetons too. 

My personal climbing pursuits shifted into 5th gear when my wife and I decided to climb the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America, a feat that had never been done. For seven years we gave our full focus and ended up attempting all the routes, and completed 48 of the 50 routes. It was a wild ride. 

Most recently, I joined an international team of athletes to ski across the entire Alps Mountain Range. We started near Vienna Austria and ended in Nice France. 1100 miles and 294,000 feet over a mere 36 days in a row of skiing and hiking. Let's just say I got really good a route planning from that experience!

In these courses, I draw on these experiences to provide the best information on the topic available on the Internet. Period.

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